Juliet Torcelino-van Ruyven’s Tale of Success

Juliet Torcelino-van Ruyven’s story can be compared to a fairy tale. She was once a girl dreaming to have a prosperous life and now she has all the things she has dreamed of before. Juliet who was more popularly known by her nickname as Jhet is a true inspiration for many people around the globe. Her story truly inspires thousands of people who are also dreaming big. Her words are definitely moving especially when she said that when a person really want something there’s no deadlines for it, just go on and don’t stop dreaming, come the right time and it will happen.

Jhet started out as an ice candy and fish vendor at Matabungcay beach in the province of Batangas, Philippines. She was lucky to be given the opportunity by a priest to be a working student at the La Concordia College. That was her first step to achieving her dreams. Another great thing follows this instance as she then met Mother Teresa while working in Yemen. She said that this encounter has made her feel blessed from that day onwards.

Later on she was given a chance to meet with the author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” which guided her to work on her bestselling book. Due to her undeniably successful book, she has gone far enough to make her dreams a reality. From being a poor little girl living in a simple “bahay kubo”, she’s now living on a beachfront property in a well-off community of British Columbia.

However, her fate suddenly had a twist once again as two years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is the reason why she then changed her perspective to life. She started planning on doing the things she haven’t done in her life. Just months after knowing about the cancer, she went hiking in the Mountain Province and then snowboarded in Whistler and went on skydiving with 13,000 feet high.

She decided to sell her business which has supported her family for 15 years. She did this so she can have more money to support the things she wanted to do while she’s alive. She said that she’s now seeing things in a different way. She wants to live her life to the fullest as she would never know when her time is up.

Even her marriage which also had gone on a rough road back then is going on the right direction now. You certainly has a lot to learn on the life experiences of Juliet van Ruyven.

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